Inflammatory Crystal Diseases

Inflammatory Crystal Diseases includes inflammatory joint conditions such as Gout and Pseudogout.


Gout is an inflammatory arthritis, which can cause intense pain in the affected joint (commonly the big toe), which can look very swollen, shiny and red and feel very hot and tender to touch.

It is caused by an excess of uric acid (or urate) in the body which is produced by the breakdown of certain foods, and sometimes the body is unable to flush out the extra urate through urine, resulting in an accumulation of urate above a certain level when it forms crystals of sodium urate and becomes deposited in the cartilage of the joint.

Dr Seth is an international expert in the management of gout and has written many publications on the subject.

Pseudogout (Acute Calcium Pyrophosphate (CPP) arthritis)

Pseudogout is an inflammatory arthritis which may resemble gout, and is due to deposition of calcium crystals in and around the joints which causes pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints which can look shiny and red and feel very hot and tender to touch.